Cohesion, Leading The Future Together (Mandalay Vivo)

LC Myanmar Consulting organized the training for Mandalay Vivo Team on August 18th, 2022. There 27 people participated in the training and were divided into three groups (Lion Heart, Fighter, and 818 Legends) to compete for the whole day. All teams completed actively the training and were able to create effective training. 

We designed the best training program for them to reduce work pressure, create a better relationship between them, understand the management system, and have fun. At the beginning of the training, we were worried that they would not complete the training properly. Therefore, the training flow had to change to get enough lessons from this training. After the training, their Performance was amazingly good throughout the training because of their enthusiasm, hard work, and competition. Therefore, every individual finally learned the lessons that the training wanted to give.

In summary, the training was completed proudly, happily, and effectively. We hope that the Mandalay Vivo team could bring the good things from this training and use it effectively to achieve the company’s objectives.