Friendship Sports Day

Friendship Sports Day

TimeProject Activity
07:30Gathering at LC Training Center
08:00-09:30Post Letter
09:35-10:30Tug of War
10:35:11:00Relay Race
11:10-12:00Three-Legged Race
12:00-13:30Lunch Break
13:30-15:00Balanced Ball
15:05-16:00Jump Rope Competition
16:05-17:00Papper Rolling
17:10-17:30Plunk Competition
17:30-18:30Conclusions, Sharing, Gave the award.
18:30Return Home

Detailed introduction


Gathering at LC Training Center


Post Letter

Members have to deliver the messages to the teammates from the front without making a noise and just can be used hands to demonstrate the message from the trainers.


Tug of War

All teams need to compete in a Tug of War tournament.


Relay Race

Four Selections members from each team have to compete Relay Race for a total of 12om.


Three-Legged Race

Each team has to divide into two groups, tying the ropes to the legs, and run back and forth for a total of 60m.


(Lunch break) [Lunch box (rice+ main dish+ 2 kinds of side dish) Myanmar Taste]


Balanced Ball

Firstly, Members have to find a partner from their teams. A pair of Members from each team have to carry the ball on their back.


Jump Rope Competition

Firstly, each team has to select three members from the team. All three members have to jump the rope individually. Secondly, each team has to select two members from the team. All two members have to swing the rope and others have to jump the rope.


Paper Rolling

Each team has to use tape, and newspaper, and make a chain. Then, start walking toward the destination.


Plunk Competition

Each team members have to make a plunk.


Conclusions, Sharing, Gave the award.

Training Fees

Items Service ContentPrice
Training CourseTraining Course Design、Training Service Cost(Professional Trainers)
Allocation:1 Trainer,1 Assistant Trainer,1 Admin
General ExpenseInclude:Training Clothes(Group allocation clothes )、Training facilities、water bottle、flag、training base、Vinyl、Video record、medicine etc.$2/Pax

Training Course Statement

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