Sky Bridge
  • pros and cons of sharing information
  • Challenge
  • concentration
Mission Impossible
  • pros and cons of sharing information
  • Challenge
  • concentration
Water Transfer
  • good motivation
  • individual performance
  • strategic technique
Water Tube
  • teamwork and planning
  • resilience, share ideas
  • challenges, motivated, tackle problems
Sky Walk
  • achieve common goals
  • problem-solve as teams
  • high-performance execution and strengthen collaborative skills
Paper Rolling
  • unleash creativity and teamwork
  • problem-solve as teams
  • teams work together to conquer challenges and build camaraderie
Organizational Goal
  • teamwork and team spirits
  • Improving the execution, leadership, decision-making
  • Facing the challenges bravely.
Nazca Painting
  • enhancing the team’s execution capabilities
  • efficiently allocate tasks and resources, collaboratively develop plans
  • strengthen leadership and teamwork skills
  • Eliminate the gap between participants
  • Encourage shy members to participate more
  • Activate the team atmosphere and spirits