27 km Challenge (Hledan-Hlawga)

27 km Challenge (Hledan-Hlawga)

TimeProjectActivity Objectives
07:00 AMTeam GatheringGathering at vivo Myanmar office Yangon.
08:00 AM-08:30 AMIce-breakingActivate the team atmosphere, build trust and introduce trainers for each group, and training topic, explain mission card , choose the team leader.
08:30 AM-08:40 AMWarming upEncourage shy members to participate more and create strong relationships.
08:45 AM-09:00 AMDividing TeamTo make competition, create team name, flag, logo, etc....
09:05 AMDepartureOne team after another left, and the walking training began.
11:00 AMLogo Creating MissionCreate team logo design with objects along the way.
12:00 PMLunch BreakLunch Break
13:30 PMS.S.S MissionPlaying the game with strangers, the mission completed after winning three times straight.
09:05-16:30Finding leavesTo relieve fatigue, this mission was added along the road.
09:05-16:30Keeping Items MissionKeep training facilities along the road
16:45-18:00Team PyramidBuilding a strong team.
18:00-18:30ConclusionSharing time, awards event
18:30Return HomeReturn to home

Detailed introduction


LC Outdoor Training College picks up and drops up the buses and drops them up. Gather at their company address and set out for the event Place.


Ice Breaking

            Ice-breaking is an activity that is designed to welcome members’ attendances, warm-up, create comfort between participants, build trust with partners, and form a team by choosing Leader & Co-leader.


Warming Up Dance

Warming up is to prepare your body for the upcoming activity. During this time your heart rate increases to encourage blood flow to the muscles needed for exercise. These muscles are now able to loosen up and be used effectively.


Logo designing mission

            All the objects along the road are used as a raw-materials to create their team logo.


(Lunch break) [Lunch box (rice+ main dish+ 2 kinds of side dish) Myanmar Taste]


S.S.S Mission

            Have to play a game called scissors, stones, and paper with strangers. This mission needs to win 3 times in a row to complete.


Finding leaves Mission

            Find each kind of leaf involved in the mission cards along the road. This mission must be performed from the time of departure until the goal is reached. If they can find all the leaves in the mission card, they have succeeded.


Keeping Item Mission

            This is the secret mission, all the team members need to keep something that was given from the starting point until reaches the endpoint. It may be their team flag, water bottle, their bag pack, etc.,


Team Pyramid

            All the participants have to build a pyramid by using the given materials (eg, Pipes, Joints). After building a pyramid, members need to place (14) balls on the top of the pyramid within a specific time.


  1. Make absolutely serious.
  2. Focus on your own duty, without blaming the other teammate.
  3. Many different points of view need to adjust in team corporation.


            Sharing memories, Leader speeches, evaluations, giving the awards, and taking some memorable photos.


Training Fees

Items Service ContentPrice
Training CourseTraining Course Design、Training Service Cost(Professional Trainers)
Allocation:1 Trainer,1 Assistant Trainer,1 Admin
General ExpenseInclude:Training Clothes(Group allocation clothes )、Training facilities、water bottle、flag、training base、Vinyl、Video record、medicine etc.$2/Pax

Training Course Statement

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