Cohesion, Leading the Future TECNO-KH2 Elite Team Outdoor Training

LC Myanmar Consulting organized the two days of training for TECNO-KH2 under the name “Cohesion, Leading the Future TECNO-KH2 Elite Team Outdoor Training” at LC Training Ground from June 24 – June 25. The main objectives of the training are getting team spirits, understanding the value of colleagues, obeying the orders, unlocking the team potential, putting challenging mindset, and trying to do better in the future.

On Day one, 77 people participated in the training and were divided into five groups to compete for the whole day. After the 150s Challenge, Handwriting, and post letter activities, they got great team spirits, a desire to succeed, and understood their strengths and weaknesses. In the evening, to feel the gratitude of the life and supporters, we performed the Team dynamic activity to realize the team potential, self-potential and Blinded Road activity. The 1st-day training aims to build strong teamwork. It started at 8:00 AM, completed at 8:30 PM.

On day two morning, we started competing in Laser Room activity to obey the rules, improve strategic thinking and planning, and Morse Code activities to create a more open, like-minded team. Eventually, the Graduation Wall activity was operated together as a team. After completing the two days of the training, they all knew their abilities, understood the value of the leaders, colleagues, and suggestions, and got a lot of motivation to build the company’s future.

Therefore, the “Cohesion, Leading the Future TECNO-KH2 Elite Team Outdoor Training” course was successful. We hope that the TECNO-KH2 team brings up the good things from the training to reality.