LC Myanmar consulting organized one and a half days of training Vivo (Nay Pyi Taw) under the name “Anything is possible when you work as a team” Training at LC Training Base from January 19 – January 20. The main objectives of the training are getting team spirits, understanding the value of colleagues, obeying the rules, unlocking team potential, and getting more productivity.

On Day one, Forty-Three people participated in the training, were divided into four groups to compete for the whole day. After the Top Speed 60S and Morse Code activities, they got great team spirits, desire to succeed, and understood their strengths and weaknesses. In the evening, to obey the rules and feel the gratitude of life, we organized Laser Room and Blinded Road activities. The 1st-day training lasts for 12 hours.

On day two morning, we organized a Handwriting activity that create more flexibility with the team. Eventually, the Team Dynamic activity was operated together as a team. After completing one and a half days of the training, the trainers drove the members to achieve the training objectives.

Therefore, “Anything is possible when you work as a Team” Training was successful according to the feedback survey results.