Outdoor Team Building Program


Balanced Bar
  • Have to listen the leader in order to achieve the mission.
  • Team need to perform balance and harmonic each other
  • Need to have same target for the whole team.

Morse Code
  • To know the pros and cons of sharing information and the importance of allocation.
  • To find the most effective and easy ways before implement.
  • To have fully concentration on work.

Laser Room
  • Understanding the resources and using effectively.
  • Obeying the organization’s rules and regulations.
  • Making and Sticking to the plan. Be aware not to destroy other’s plan.


Team Dynamic
  • To develop the team spirits and help each other.
  • To understand where the motivation come from.
  • Cultivation the mutual trust within the team.

Team Pyramid
  • Absolute teamwork
  • Focus on own duty, without blaming to the teammate.

Graduation Wall
  • Examining overall teamwork and team spirits.
  • Improving the execution, leadership, decision-making.
  • Facing the challenges bravely.


Zip Line
  • Facing the difficulties bravely.
  • Turning the pressure into motivation and using the encouragement from the team and teammates.
  • Calming down and analyzing the immediate dilemma.

Walking Training
  • Putting challenging mindset
  • Self-appreciation
  • Setting goals and achieving