Gold Medal Store Manager Training Camp Phase-II

In a picturesque setting along Ngwe Saung Beach, the second phase of the Gold Medal Store Manager Training Camp commenced from September 24 to September 26, 2023. Over the course of four days, the training program, featuring Corporate Coach Tools and rigorous outdoor activities, aimed to provide store managers with an immersive and transformative learning experience.

The training camp covered essential aspects such as the application of Corporate Coach Tools, offering a deep dive into the latest coaching techniques for effective leadership and management. This was complemented by a segment titled “Beach Team Building Training,” which took advantage of the serene beachfront surroundings to create a unique learning environment.

One of the key highlights of the training was the emphasis on teamwork, relaxation, and the release of work-related stress. The activities were designed not only to challenge the store managers physically but also to foster collaboration and communication within the team. The beach setting provided an ideal backdrop for team building, allowing participants to unwind, connect with nature, and build stronger bonds with their colleagues.

As participants engaged in serious outdoor training, the program encouraged them to explore their limits, face challenges head-on, and overcome psychological barriers. The carefully curated activities were aimed at prompting participants to reflect on their personal and professional growth, paving the way for meaningful internal transformations.

The Gold Medal Store Manager Training Camp Phase II succeeded in creating moments that highlighted the importance of teamwork, relaxation, and stress relief in a corporate setting. By providing a blend of practical coaching tools and outdoor challenges, the training camp aimed not only to enhance the managerial skills of store leaders but also to create a positive and rejuvenating experience for all participants. The unique combination of professional development and team-building activities against the backdrop of Ngwe Saung Beach made this training phase a memorable and impactful journey for the Gold Medal store managers.