MIGOO Online Shopping Outdoor Training Camp

In the autumn and cool September, MIGOO team carried out a striking outdoor expansion training camp on 10th and 11th September 2023 at LC Outdoor Training Base. The training brought together the company’s core departments, including customer service, warehouse, after-sales, network sales, etc., to participate in the training in two days divided into two parts, with the aim of promoting in-depth communication among team members, releasing work pressure, and displaying potential self-brightness through team building, outdoor development and other activities.

MIGOO team outdoor development training camp focuses on the diversity of activities, from team building to outdoor development, and then to establish mutual connection, each link is designed to stimulate the team members of the spirit of unity and cooperation. Members of the customer service department improved their service awareness through communication training, the warehouse department optimized the warehousing process through teamwork, the after-sales department improved their service level through problem-solving cooperation, and the network sales department expanded their market reach through interactive training. Throughout the training process, the team members deeply felt the power of cooperation and released their passion and vitality.

One of the highlights of the activity is to highlight the ability among team members to present the self-brightness that cannot be shown in daily work. Through outdoor development, each team member was able to bring their individual strengths into play in different scenarios, demonstrating unique leadership or teamwork skills. This not only prompted team members to better understand their colleagues, but also enabled them to reacquaint themselves with the company and feel the company’s emphasis on personal growth. The whole training process has brought the relationship between team members closer and formed a closer cooperation community.

The success of MIGOO team outdoor development training camp not only builds a more solid cooperation foundation for the company’s team, but also brings a pleasant experience for the team members. It is believed that through this training, MIGOO team will be more united and collaborative, and inject more innovation and vitality for the future development of the company.