RHRV & vivo Bonding Team Outdoor Training Camp

RHRV team and vivo team jointly organized an exciting outdoor training camp on June 24th and 25th, 2023. This training camp provided both teams with a valuable experience of mutual assistance and growth.

During these two days of training, members of the RHRV team and vivo team collaborated closely, motivating and supporting each other. They faced various challenges together and overcame difficulties, showcasing the limitless power of teamwork.

Throughout the training, each team member leveraged their unique talents and demonstrated a high sense of responsibility towards the team’s goals. They learned the importance of listening and communication, understanding the significance of teamwork. Through their collective efforts, they climbed steep mountains and overcame challenging obstacles, reaping growth and progress.

This training camp was not just an event, but also an opportunity for personal growth for each member. Their courage and determination in facing challenges were admirable. Through interaction and collaboration with the team, they enhanced their leadership, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities.

We look forward to the continued growth and learning of the RHRV team and vivo team in the days ahead. Their efforts and dedication will bring more success and progress to the teams. Let us witness the greater achievements and progress of these team members on their future journey.

Congratulations to the RHRV team and vivo team on their achievements in this outdoor training camp. We hope they will continue to move forward on the path of team growth, creating a more brilliant tomorrow. We are excited to see their further growth and learning accomplishments in the future.

Let us move forward together, pursuing excellence!”