The Heart of Cohesion and Team Achievement (Magway Vivo)

LC Myanmar Consulting organized the training for Magway Vivo Team on November 18th and 19th, 2022. Twenty-three people participated in the training and were divided into three groups (Team No-1, Wolf, and Wolf-fighter) to compete for the whole day. All teams completed the training and were able to create effective training.

We developed the training program for them to be having better relationships between them, work productivity, understand the management system, and have fun. During the training, we found that they lack team spirit and communication. Therefore, we did strict rules and regulations for getting enough lessons from the training. After that, they change their mindset, and also their performance was amazingly good because of their hard work, enthusiasm, and competition.

In summary, the training was completed proudly, happily, and effectively. We hope that the Magway Vivo team could bring the good things from this training and use it effectively to achieve the company’s objectives.