On 29 April 2022, LC Myanmar Consulting created the best Sports Day program with seven interesting activities such as Tug Of War, Paper Rolling, Jumping Rope, etc.

It takes 10:30 hrs starting from 7 am and ended 5:30 pm, forty-nine members participated and were separated into five teams (Wolf Gang, High Voltage, King Of Kings, and HT-Heros). About two weeks before the sports day, we created four Viber groups for them to prepare together for the competition.

On the event day, their performance was unbelievable. All teams competed in positive ways and showed their best. In every part of this event, the team performance, individual skills, sacrifice for the team, and teamwork, were the best and unforgettable.

The sports day was either the first event and achievement for LC Myanmar Consulting or the friendship milestone between HV and TECNO. We hope that all the members have good feelings and life memories.