JOC Myanmar Team Gathering and Development Outdoor Training

LC Myanmar Consulting organized the training for JOC Myanmar Co., Ltd on April 23. There were 49 people participated in the training and were divided into Four groups(Tiger, Stars, Aung Naing Thu, and New Star) to compete for the whole day.

We designed the best training program for them to reduce work pressure, create a family-like relationship between them, understand the management system, and have fun. At the start of the training, the members didn’t even know each other and were weak at communication.

After the training, their behaviors and mindset were different from the morning. They created a strong team, a better relationship with teammates, and realized some of their weaknesses and strengths. At the Graduation Wall activity, they used their abilities to finish the missions and got excellent results.

In summary, the training was completed proudly, happily, and effectively. We hope that the JOC Myanmar team could bring the good things from this training and use it effectively to achieve the company’s objectives.