LC Myanmar Consulting organized two days of training for Liang Chaung Myanmar (Mandalay’s Team) under “With United Efforts, Create the Success Together” on April 22/23, 2022.

We designed this training to bring better communication skills, obey the orders, improve the strategic planning to realize the individual responsibilities, get logical thinking and see things in the big picture, understand the company culture and use it in daily work and personal life, put challenging mindset and never give up mindset, get motivation after all the pandemic, and appreciate the colleagues. We believed that Mandalay’s LC team individual members got a lot of things in this training and achieved all the training objectives through the hardship, hard work, trust, and belief in the company culture.

Sixty-four people participated in the training and were divided into five groups(Unique Unity Team, Balck Pink Team, Avengers Team, The Rock Team, Team United) to compete for the whole day. We designed the most suitable training program to fit their needs, to fill their weaknesses. On the first day of the training, some members felt uncomfortable participating in this outdoor training. At the Laser Room activity, all five teams put a lot of effort and work hard to pass this activity, and they did with the fasted record.

After Day one, they started to enjoy and participate fully in concentration on day two of the training. Their behaviors and mindset were different from day one. All five teams tried very hard to do their best to make their history at this training. In conclusion, We made a knowledge-sharing, listening to the members’ perspectives. “With United Efforts Create the Success Together” was completed proudly, happily, and effectively.