“Work Together to Create a Win-Win Situation”

LC Myanmar Consulting organized two days of training for Hong Miao Co., Ltd on April 16 and 17. The training was aimed at all the members to release work pressure, understand the power of the team and value each teammate, know how a good leader supports their teammate, and understand the responsibilities of each.

Fourteen people participated in the training and were divided into two groups (YTHM (green) and D Power GP. We designed the most suitable training program to fit their needs, to fill up their weakness. On the first morning of the training, some participants felt uncomfortable participating in this training. But after completer the icebreaking activities, they all started to enjoy and be involved with full concentration.

On the second day of the training, their behaviors, and mindsets were different from day one. The competition has become very strong. They put in their best efforts and got the best results. After the training finished, they shining polished their strong point and realized some of their weakness.

For the remaining needs, We made a knowledge-sharing section and listen carefully to the perspective of each member. The training was completed proudly, happily, and effectively.