Team all Together, Leading the Future 2022 Elite Team Training Camp

LC Myanmar Consulting organized two days of training for Huitong Paper Co., Ltd on January 12-13. The training was aimed at all the members to reduce work pressure, to enjoy in the team, to understand the power of the team and value of each teammate, to know how a good leader worked.

There were sixteen people who participated in the training, were divided into two groups(Rainbow and Rabbit) to compete for the whole day. We designed the most suitable training program to fit their needs, to fill their weaknesses. On the first day morning of the training, some members felt uncomfortable participating in this outdoor training. After competed morning activities, they start to enjoy and participate fully in concentration. So, they could create their team like a family. As the circumstance and situation, we made adding and removed some activities to get the most effective results.

On day two of the training, their behaviors and mindset were completely different from yesterday. They tried so hard with their best to make their good history in the training section. After the training was finished, they filled some of their weaknesses already. For the remaining needs, We made a knowledge sharing section and listen carefully to the perspective of each member. The training was also completed proudly, happily, and effectively.