Myanmar Red MIAO Construction

LC Myanmar consulting organized two-day training for Myanmar Red Miao Construction Company at LC Training Base from January 25 – January 26. The main objectives are to find the weaknesses and to solve the needs of their team.

On Day one, 16 trainees participated in the training, were divided into two groups to compete throughout the training. There are four activities involved in the first-day training program which are Top Speed 60S, Morse Code, Giant Foot Step, and Laser Room. As they have participated with full of concentration, they all found their needs after passing every activity. The training was started at 8:00 AM and finished at 8:00 PM.

On day two training, we introduce the 150S challenge activity and Graduation Wall activity to practice their teamwork built on day one training. After the two activities were completed with the best score, they all understand the gratitude of parents, supporters, colleagues, and company. In addition, they have solved their weakness such as unfollowing the rules, late working hours, and unbalance team.

Therefore, this training was successfully finished as one of the best training.