Expand the Road, Lead the Future (HV2021-2022 Elite Team Special Management Training)

LC Myanmar consulting organized the two days training for RH& RV Mobile under the name of “EXPAND THE ROAD, LEADR THE FUTURE (HV2021-2022 ELITE TEAM SPECIAL MANAGEMENT TRAINING)” at LC Training Ground from DEC 29 – DEC 30. The main objectives are to get team spirits, Unlocking the potential of the team, build trust between the colleagues, obey the rules, prioritize the goals and targets, putting challenging mindset, realize the responsibilities of the position, improve logical thinking, to see the big picture of the work opportunities and to understand the company culture and to apply at daily work.

On Day one, eighteen participants took part in the training which was divided into two groups to compete in “Handwriting and Post Letter” activities. To get great teamwork and potential of the team, in the “Team Dynamic” activity, every member was made to play as one. The Training course lasted for a total of 14:00 hours and was effective and targeted.

On day two, the “150s Challenge, Laser Room, Trust Fall, and Graduation Wall” activities participated in the training which lasted for 11:00 hours. All the activities on Day two were the hardest and participants were able to demonstrate the teamwork that was built throughout the training.

According to the training feedback, the trainees during training, the “EXPAND THE ROAD, LEADR THE FUTURE (HV2021-2022 ELITE TEAM SPECIAL MANAGEMENT TRAINING)” Training course was the hardest training of their lives, and trainers successfully drove the Vivo team to achieve the training objectives. We would like to congratulate the HV Team for achieving the new records in our history.