Cohesion, Build the LC Team Spirits Training

LC Myanmar consulting organized the two days training for GREE MYANMAR under the name of “Cohesion, Build LC Team Spirits Training” at LC Training Ground from October 29 – October 30. The main objectives are to get team spirits, to face challenges, to design good plans, to understand the value of colleagues, and to motivate them to try to do better in the future after forgetting the bad past.

On Day one, twenty-nine participants took part in the training which was divided into Three-group to compete in “Running Ball, Top Speed 60S” activities. To get great teamwork and spirits, in the “Team Dynamic” activity, every member was made to play as one. The Training course lasted for a total of 10:30 hours and was effective and targeted.

On day two, “Team Pyramid, Balance Bar, Morse Code, and Graduation Wall” activities participated in the training and which lasted for 8 hours. Graduation Wall Activity was one of the most effective and participants were able to demonstrate the teamwork that was built throughout the training.
According to the training feedback and the behavior of the trainees during training, the “Cohesion, Build LC Team Spirits” Training course was successful with the best results.